Your Appearance Is Your Success

Create three flattering outfits for your videos
Do your videos attract your dream clients?

You are ready to put yourself out there and start filming your video. You have a strong message; you are excited to share it, and you decided to do it this week.
Then a big question comes to your mind: "What should I wear?" Right away things become much less exciting and much more frustrating.
Despite the fact that your closet is full of clothes, you feel like you don't have anything to wear. Everything is dull and frumpy, sometimes outdated, somewhat boring and for sure unflattering.
You think you don't have a sense of fashion and always end up wearing the same things. You feel lost in shopping malls and have no time for multiple "trial and error" dressing room visits. Its exhausting. You buy more stuff trying to create more options to wear but nothing seems to match your brand.

The worse part is, you look at all these online entrepreneurs looking so polished. Their videos and website pictures are so on brand. You feel envious and wonder if you ever will look that good!

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You end up postponing filming your video for another week (or two) because you think your appearance will damage your reputation.
  • You want to figure out the perfect outfit before you click the recording button.
  • You don't understand why you look so tired, pale or washed out in a video
  • You struggle to convey your brand and your message with your outfit
  • You know first impression matters and you're worry your current outfit isn't creating a good one
  • Nothing fits you well and you struggle to find clothes that make you feel confident and attractive
A picture says a thousand words…and so does an outfit
So, don't underestimate the importance of your look when you film your videos. Your appearance is your letter of presentation.
You want to create a right impression on your audience, get them listen to you and trust your expertise.
You know you need to look trusted and polished, without being overdressed, with just the right pinch of formality to present you as an expert.
You dream of having outfits that reflect your brand, your message and your personality.
You wish you knew what colours will make your skin glowing and your eyes bright.

How would it feel to be confident that your outfits supports your message and increases your success?
It's possible, and I can help!
It is my area of expertise to make sure your outfit reflects your personality, flatters and supports the message you want to convey.
I'm a style coach for women with a closet full of outdated, dull clothing that doesn't fit properly.

I'll help you create polished outfits, so you feel confident and pulled-together without spending a ton of time and energy.

"Your Appearance is Your Success " program

Upon completion of this program, you'll have three new, modern and stylish outfits that you can use for your videos
  • Create the right impression on your audience
  • Boost your confidence by looking and feeling fabulous on your videos and pictures
  • Re-use what you have in a modern and stylish way - you already have most of what you need
  • Save money on shopping for new clothes - no need to shop for whole new outfits
  • Choose flattering colours, look fresh and glowing so people are attracted to your appearance and believe in your credibility
  • Learn tips and tricks from a pro that will help you to dress better for every occasion, every time
  • Discover makeup, hair, and skincare tips that will drastically improve your appearance on camera
  • Have a short and detailed shopping list based on what your wardrobe is missing
Your Appearance Is Your Success program includes:
How do you want to be seen?

You'll get a short and simple list of questions that will help you to choose your key pieces for the outfits, determine the impression you want to create with your audience and get ready to start work on your looks.
You'll also receive a "Look good: what to wear for video and photo shoots" e-book that will give you general guidelines for video and photo shoots wardrobe.
This step allows you to be more clear and focus on an impression you want to create so that you get fabulous results from our time together.
Let's figure it out!

We'll meet face to face on a 45 minute Skype session to review the items you want to work with, to discuss what look will create an impression you want, and what the key elements of a successful outfit are.
You'll get my advice about colors that make you look your best, the right hairstyle and many other tips that will prepare you for the shoot.

After this session, you'll understand what you need to do and have a handful of cool ideas to implement right away.
Get in a virtual dressing room
Now, when you're ready, let the fun begin. Following the instructions you've got from our coaching call and personalised shopping list, you can start creating new outfits. You get my feedback through emails, and you change, add, tweak, and remove till we both are happy with the results (no limit on a number of emails here!). Then, it's time for the next outfit. Once we're done, you'll have five new outfits and a lot of "a-ha" moments that will help you to understand how to build a successful outfit for your public engagements.
Know what your wardrobe is missing!
After we've created all the outfits, you'll receive a shopping list with online sources and priorities (what you need first and what can wait) based on what we identified as missing during outfit creation. This shopping list will serve as an excellent reference with specific examples of items that I recommend. When you are ready, just take it to the store!
Let's do it even better

Two weeks after our work is done, we'll meet for a 15 minute follow-up to see how the new outfits are working for you and make any adjustments they might need after you tried them. You'll tell me how you feel about your new looks and ask questions. Follow up gives you the opportunity to let me know about any doubts or questions and make your outfits work even better for you.
Materials and workbooks

"Look good: what to wear for video and photo shoots" e-book

Summary of our "Let's figure it out" session

Shopping list with online sources and priorities.

Promote yourself with the outfits that look excellent on camera and get ready for more views and "likes!"

Investment: $98 USD
Are you ready for a new you? I am excited for you! Here's how to get started:
Click the "Buy Now" button
Schedule and pay
You'll be taken to my online scheduler where you'll make your payment, schedule your first session, and fill out "How do you you want to be seen" questionerre
Meet me at Zoom
We meet over a video call using Zoom when scheduled and start your wardrobe transformation
Any questions?
E-mail me:
Denise Da Costa
Business Coach at
Before working with Rada, I was trying to find the right clothes to wear when filming my videos and for my website's photos. I had an idea of the look I wanted, but I didn't know how to translate that into an actual outfit.

Rada helped me define my style and transform my wardrobe from old-dated to fashionable in record time and within my budget. She also provided guidance on what accessories to use, shoes and what's the best hair cut for me. She supported me during all the steps, making me feel confident when I hit the shops looking for my new outfit.

Rada is really knowledgeable and straightforward, but at the same time she is easy to talk to. She was open to my ideas and gave clear directions on how to create outfits that reflect my personality and brand.
Giri B
IT Manager, Calgary
Rada gave me nothing short of an excellent educational experience. She patiently explained what is right for me, what isn't, how to combine different clothes. She went into my wardrobe and was able to revamp my image just by combining items differently, and adding very few, inexpensive items.
Sasha S
Life coach, CA
I loved the individual attention Rada give to each client. Since I usually do not open up so easily, she made it so easy for me to not only face the shortcomings in my wardrobe but also taught me how to fill the void in my closet. I was also extremely nervous about having to buy clothes recommended by the stylist. Fortunately, they're flexible and work with any budget. Many of Rada's clothing recommendations are extremely affordable and pocket friendly too. I have had 1 session up until now; but it is worth every penny. Style U Best gets 5 out of 5 from me"
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