Spend less, look better.
Feel good and confident.

Thank you for your interest, the Early Bird waiting list is now closed.
Registration starts on September 11.
You wake up in the morning, open your closet, and feel frustrated. Despite the fact that your closet is full of clothes, you feel that you don't have anything to wear. You spend your precious time trying to figure out what to wear and end up wearing the same outfit that you wore two days ago.

You buy more stuff trying to create more options to wear but nothing seems to match.
You've spent a lot of money and time on these clothes, you really want them to work for you!

Then come join me in the traditional ONLINE Wardrobe Revision Weekend where I'll help you find the magic in your closet again, without even spending a dime!

That's not something you could get at a department store, and its a whole lot cheaper.
The Wardrobe Revision will help you fall in love with your wardrobe again. You'll also:
Save time
You'll save priceless time when you dress. Build an outfit library
for quick reference.
Less clothes, more options! Stylist approved outfits that work.
Get more space
You'll have more room
in your organized closet.
No more packed hangers with unused clothes!
Look great
You'll have new combinations of your existing items in trendy and modern ways that FIT and FLATTER.
Save money
You'll save a lot
of money by reusing your clothes in new, modern way.
Pay a fraction
of the price for one
on one style services.
We start September 23rd and open enrolment starts the 11th, but any early birds who sign up now will get exclusive access to some of my favorite tips and tricks, and you don't want to miss this.
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10 outdated styling rules you don't need to follow anymore
How to build a wardrobe capsule. Great for travel and for minimalist wardrobes.
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Thank you for your interest, the Early Bird waiting list is now closed.
Registration to Online Wardrobe Weekend starts on September 11.
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