visually change your body to look as you wish

How to Look Your Best Ever

video course from a style coach
I know how to make real women's bodies look beautiful.
I will teach you what to wear to balance your figure, as well as what to reveal and what to conceal to make you look your best.

How often do you like what you see in the mirror?
Chances are, like most women, you only see flaws because it is often harder to admit the good parts about yourself than the bad.
How confident do you feel in your clothes?
Why spend your money on something that doesn't look great on you?
Why does this or that thing make you fatter, shorter or unsightly?
After this course, you will completely change an attitude toward your body and will see its blessings, not a pathetic pile of flaws.
Don't wait, purchase the course and start getting complements !
Go straight to the point

Focus only only on relevant information - separate lessons that focuse on 1 specific body shape, all aspects of it.
Discover the 5 Fingers Professional Rule
Get insider styling tips and tricks, which stylists use for dressing to look your very best regardless of your size.
Recognize Your Best Body Features

Learn how to put right accents in right places. Start a journey to love your body and see your blessings.
Know what to wear

Get a walk through of specific clothes that flatter your shape, and get examples of outfits and ideas for inspiration.
Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions
No more wrong choices! Recognize the questionable items in your wardrobe and learn the most common mistakes that you will now avoid when shopping.
The Before and After
See the difference for yourself in the pictures that will be shown to demonstrate the change. Each picture has a detailed explanation.
As a result you...
  • Save time and frustration by knowing what clothes to choose when you shop
  • Save a substantial amount of money by not buying clothes you won't wear
  • Look and feel fantastic
  • Know your best features and be proud of them
  • Apply this knowledge during your whole life even if your size, shape and weight changes, because rules always remain the same
  • Receive bonus pdf kits with stylish outfit examples for every body type (your inspiration book)
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How to Look Your Best Ever
video course from a style coach
98$ USD
This course consist of:
  • "How to look your best ever" video about how to visually change your body to look as you wish
  • 5 video lessons organized by body shape
  • Examples of trendy outfits for your inspiration
  • "Main style mistakes" pfd brochure
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About the instructor
Rada Chalfin
Style Coach
Founder of Style U Best
I'm a style coach for women with a closet full of outdated, dull clothing that doesn't fit properly.
They're tired of their existing wardrobe and have no idea how to make it stylish and flattering.
I help them to create polished outfits so they feel confident and pulled-together without spending a ton of time , energy and money.

Feedback from previous courses
This was great! A lot of useful and interesting materials!
It was a pleasure to meet you and your team. We didn't pay attention how fast time flew.
Huge thanks for the ability to ask personal questions in the end. I think that everyone who attended wanted
to know not only a theory but also how
to apply it on themselves. And this was delivered.
Thank you very much!

Rada, I wanted to join because of all
the warm feedback you have gotten...
You know how hold the audience
and present the material.
I wish we had more time (half a day), because when it so interesting and fun, time passes very fast...
I am very glad I attended, it was pleasure to meet you and hope you
will do more similar seminars in the near future!

Style is not something you have to born with, you can learn it with my guidance!
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