WHAT and WHY you need to know about your body shape

February 27, 7:30 PM (MDT)
March 3, 7:00 PM (MDT)

Why spend your money on something that doesn't look great on you?
Your individual body type affects how you should choose your clothes.
After styling women of all sizes and shapes,
I know a lot about body types.
Every woman has a unique combination
of different body parameters and I want to share
my expertise with you and end a confusion around body types.
Let's clear some myths and put it into a simple and understandable system. You can apply it regardless of your shape and weight.

During this 40 min webinar you will:
Learn WHAT do you need to know about your body shape
In addition to the traditional apple/ pear body shapes there are few more parameters that are just as important. Let's talk about them too!
Understand HOW

Understand all body characteristics and how
to properly identify your shape.
No more questioning what shape you are.
Discover WHY
do you need to know this
5 great benefits
of knowing your shape! Life will become much more easier
and efficient after this webinar.
Ask Questions
as You Go

You can ask
as many questions
as you want during and after
the webinar.
Feedback from previous seminars
This was great! A lot of useful and interesting materials!
It was a pleasure to meet you and your team. We didn't pay attention how fast time flew.
Huge thanks for the ability to ask personal questions in the end. I think that everyone who attended wanted
to know not only a theory but also how
to apply it on themselves. And this was delivered.
Thank you very much!

Rada, I wanted to join because of all
the warm feedback you have gotten...
You know how hold the audience
and present the material.
I wish we had more time (half a day), because when it so interesting and fun, time passes very fast...
I am very glad I attended, it was pleasure to meet you and hope you will do more similar seminars in the near future!

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It is time to own that body and make yourself feel comfortable in your own skin!
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Who's on the stage?
Rada Chalfin
Style Coach
I firmly believe that every woman is beautiful regardless
her shape, age or budget.
I sees my mission in helping as many women as possible
to see their beauty, gain more confidence and be themselves.
My clients are real women, that work at office or at home, raise their kids, eat not only a salad and are not perfect. And that's is how I love them and want them to stay!

I am not only changing your clothes but also change the way you look at yourself in a mirror. My goal is to help you to look your best.
What are you waiting for?
Sign up now, only limited seats
are available!
e-mail info@styleubest.com
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